Kunlong Petroleum Machinery

Employment Concept

We have put the unity of nature and mankind on the top priority to develop markets, introduce technologies, and provide high-quality products and services for customers by the belief "Profession that wins trust and devotion that wins heart".

About talents, we always believe all people are talented to take full use of their talent. When selecting or promoting talents, we insist on the theory "Capability deserves every thing" and stress on their working attitude, execution, entrepreneur spirit, responsibility and ability instead of relative, friends, relationships, background and age in the principle of “Equal, Fair, Open, Competitive, Best-oriented”. All our leaders are hired by their ability, too.

Referring to staff training, we reward those aspirant employees by exams and evaluation and encourage others to learn from them. In addition, we invite experts to give lectures to them and dispatch excellent ones for training outside. Trainings are held twice every month by each department and intercross communication is also conducted among different departments.
In terms of moral education, we mainly set out from family moral, social moral and professional morals to motivate workers to enhance their own quality and think highly their positions and family members.

By above mentioned measures, we not only enhance the management skills of leaders, but also make staff manageable and improved in a bid to meet the requirements of the enterprise development.