Kunlong Petroleum Machinery





Congratulations to Kunlong Co., Ltd.

Kunlong Co., Ltd. has once again received the highest tax credit “A” rating in the 2018 tax assessment, and has also been awarded the “A” tax credit rating for four consecutive years since 2015. Kunlong Co., Ltd.'s wholly-owned subsidiary Shandong Longhao Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was also rated as a Class A unit of tax credit in 2018.
The tax credit rating is a comprehensive evaluation of the taxation work and tax credit of taxpayers by the tax authority in the previous year. The acquisition of "A" tax credit rating is an inevitable result of the company's continuous implementation of a corporate culture of integrity and compliance, and a direct reflection of the company's standardized tax management.
The company will, as always, uphold the business philosophy of honesty, practise the honorable title of "honourable businessmen", expand and strengthen the company, create more wealth for society, employees, customers and shareholders, and assume more social responsibilities.