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Patient relentlessly has love on earth

In February 2020, the wife of the company employee Zhang Jinquan was hospitalized due to illness, which affected the hearts of all Kunlong people. On March 6, when Chairman Wu Faxiang learned of the incident, he made the first arrangements, and the manager of the supply chain department, Cheng Junpeng, visited the hospital on behalf of the company and sent the company's dual economic and spiritual support and condolences. Kunlong employees have donated through various online channels such as "Love Chips" to express their heartfeltness, showing the warmth of the Kunlong family.
This is a concrete manifestation of the "people-oriented" spirit of the enterprise. We also believe that with the care, support, and help of the company, employees, and the general public, the Zhang Jinquan family will definitely overcome temporary difficulties, overcome the illness at an early date, and return to normal life.
Let us send them the best wishes together!