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Kunlong 6S-TPM equipment independent maintenance management activity kick-off meeting held

On May 29, 2019, Kunlong Company held a grand 6S-TPM equipment independent maintenance management activity kick-off conference. All employees of the company participated in the meeting. Taiwan Jianfeng Consulting Management Agency training teachers attended the meeting.
The chairman of the company Wu Faxiang made a keynote speech on "Single-handed, common progress" 6S-TPM management improvement. In the speech, President Wu emphasized the urgency and necessity of the company to implement 6S-TPM management and analyzed why the company should 6S-TPM management. To this end, the company specifically established a 6S-TPM promotion committee, clarified the relevant responsibilities, formed 39 implementation teams, from the general manager to the front-line supervisors, respectively, as the team leader, fighting alongside the front-line employees. In the end, President Wu demanded that all employees change their ideology, establish self-maintenance awareness, pay attention to the micro defects of the equipment, and unswervingly carry out and promote the 6S-TPM management work.
Teacher Jianfeng of Taiwan conducted TPM management training at the conference. He used vivid and vivid language to explain to everyone what TPM is, and what TPM can bring to us, which has established confidence and consensus among all employees. The manager of the engineering department of the company led all employees to take solemn oaths. All the employees solemnly signed their names on the signature board, expressing their determination and confidence in the TPM management.
The 6S-TPM project is a management activity involving all employees. As long as everyone seriously and carefully maintains the equipment, and truly solves the micro defects of the equipment, and performs regular maintenance on the equipment as planned, we firmly believe that Kunlong's 6S-TPM Under the leadership of Chairman Wu Faxiang, management will surely realize the full staffing, standardization and systematization of equipment management, form an independent maintenance mechanism and corporate culture for employees, and achieve the management goal of improving the overall efficiency of equipment.