Kunlong Petroleum Machinery





Kunlong's three systems audit passed

From July 8th to 10th, 2019, a team of two experts from the Beijing Fangyuan Certification Group audit team supervised and audited the effectiveness of the company's quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management system (referred to as the "three systems"), and held a meeting Supervisory review meeting to report the status of supervisory review and feedback audit opinions. Relevant leaders and staff of the company attended the meeting.
This audit is the second supervision audit of the company's three systems. The audit team conducted comprehensive evaluations in terms of policy objectives, planning, implementation operation, inspection, and on-site management through methods such as on-site inspection of documents, inquiries, and sampling of records. The audit team spoke highly of the company's internal audit and supervision mechanisms and fully affirmed the effectiveness of the system's operation. The company's three-system management is considered to be sufficient, appropriate and effective, and the three-system supervision and review passed smoothly.
Regarding the supervision and review and the future system operation, the company put forward three requirements: First, each department should seriously treat the non-conformities and improvement suggestions proposed by the audit team, hold a special meeting to conduct research, actively improve, and grasp the implementation; The problems found by each department should be compared to each other, find their own problems, form a list of rectification of the problems, carefully implement the rectification and implementation, and truly play a role in promoting and continuous improvement. We must do a good job of tracking, supervision and implementation, and promote the company to a new level in quality, environment and occupational health and safety management!