Congratulations to Kunlong Co., Ltd. for winning five new honors

Recently, the company has received five new honors, namely:
1. 2018 Shouguang City High Growth Model; 2. Top 50 Financial and Tax Contributors of Shouguang City in 2018; 3. 2018 Shouguang City's Outstanding Performance in Flood Control and Disaster Relief Enterprise Notification Form Yang; 4. 2018 Weifang City "Invisible Champion" Enterprise; 5. 2018 Weifang City "Hou Dao Lu Shang" brand enterprise honorary title.
The achievement of five honors has brought new glory to the company and all employees!
Standing at a new starting point, we believe that with the joint efforts of all employees in the company, we will adhere to our original intention, overcome difficulties, and work steadily to achieve the established development goals!