Kunlong Group Joins Hands with Tsinghua University to Build an Industry University Research Cooperation Base

Recently, Kunlong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shouguang City, Shandong Province signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement with Qingdao University of Science and Technology to carry out industry university research cooperation.

Both parties plan to establish a strategic cooperation relationship in the development, innovation, and talent cultivation of new material application technologies for screw pumps, leverage their complementary resource advantages, carry out collaborative innovation in industry, academia, research, and application, open up channels for basic research, technology development, achievement transfer, and industrialization, promote deep integration of disciplines, talents, technology, capital, and industry, implement joint technological breakthroughs in the field of petroleum drilling and production equipment, conduct basic theory and application technology research, and achieve "complementary advantages, resource sharing, and mutual benefit and win-win".

Qingdao University of Science and Technology is a national "111 Plan" approved construction unit, a key construction university in Shandong Province, a high-level university with strong characteristics in Shandong Province, and a characteristic university for cultivating applied basic talents in Shandong Province. It has been rated by the Ministry of Education as an "Excellent University in Undergraduate Teaching Level Evaluation", "National Graduates Employment Typical Experience University", and "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience University".

Kunlong Corporation and Tsinghua University of Science and Technology will achieve a new breakthrough in the research and development of petroleum drilling and production equipment on the basis of fully leveraging the advantages of both parties. The deep integration of production, learning, research, and application will build momentum for the future and help Kunlong Corporation build a new highland for technological research and development in the petroleum drilling and production equipment manufacturing industry.