Kunlong Petroleum Machinery

Xinjiang Kunlong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Kunlong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in December 2012. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Shouguang Kunlong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and a key attract investment project of Xinjiang Karamay government. The registered capital of the company is 60 million Yuan, covering an area of 130000 square meters. The company based in Karamay, not only serve Xinjiang oilfield, but also take care of other Xinjiang oilfield customers, and radiate to Russia, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian oilfield markets. The company adhering to the business purpose "Professional wins trust, heart wins heart" and relying on Shandong headquarters technology and management to achieve the information and resource sharing. The company cooperated with professional scientific research institutions closely, keep up with the pace of "Digital Oilfield Development", develop digital and intelligent oil production equipment continuously, and provide high cost-effective products and professional technical services.

The company has introduced mature and advanced production equipment and processing lines for sucker rods. The key processes are produced by robotic equipment, which ensures the quality and production efficiency of sucker rods and realizes an annual output of 3 million meters for sucker rods Grade D, Grade H, Grade HY and Grade EH.

The company has a complete set of assembly, testing, repair and production line for PC pumps. The testing platform is a special equipment for the detection of PC pumps, it can simulate different depths of well testing. With the application of the data acquisition card, the input and output of the inspection data are completed by the human-computer interface. The inspection data is comprehensive, including rotate speed, pressure, flow, torque and power. The curve charts of volume efficiency, total efficiency and pressure make the inspection results more clear. The inspection result is generated automatically and printed out in the format of qualified certificate, which guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the inspection result. The special endoscope can detect and judge the rubber state of the used pump stator and recycle the used pump with low efficiency in the shallow oil well to avoid waste and save the cost for customers.

The company has complete set of automatic production lines for sucker rod repair. It can complete the whole process repair with high efficiency and high quality by the used rod selection, rod body cleaning, automatic magnetic flux leakage testing, quenching treatment, thread inspection, shot blasting, tensile testing and other processes. The key process of quenching treatment can eliminate the fatigue stress of rod body. The shot blasting process can remove the oxide scale and increase the strength of the rod surface. After repair, the tensile strength and other mechanical properties of the rods can meet the requirements of SY/T5029-2013 standard.

The company has mature and stable sucker rod pump repair production equipment and process. It can make the used pump to meet the standards and requirements of new pump and the customer’s requirement of cost reduction, quality and efficiency.

The company currently has five major products lines:
1. Annual output of 300 million meters for sucker rod Grade D, Grade H, Grade HY and Grade EH;
2. The assembly, maintenance, testing and technical service of the intelligent PC pump products. PC pump products mainly include: side and direct drive head, wellhead device, control cabinet, micro differential pressure flowmeter, liquid level detector, torque Instrument, drive rod, wash valve, downhole PC pump, anchor, etc;
3. Maintenance, Inspection and supporting technical service of sucker rod products;
4. Production, maintenance, testing and supporting technical services of sucker rod pump products;
5. Complete sets of production equipment and technical services for wear, corrosion, sand, paraffin, heavy oil and other special well conditions.