Kunlong Petroleum Machinery

Management policy

Safety and environmental protection
Safety first, prevention first, compliance with laws and regulations, full participation, concern for health, continuous improvement
(1) Zero serious personal injury or death
(2) Zero major fire accidents
(3) Zero major explosion accidents
(4) Zero major traffic accidents
(5) Zero major production accidents
(6) Zero major equipment accidents
(7) Zero acute poisoning accident
(8) The minor injury rate is less than 1%
(9) Minimize general accidents, and the rectification rate of hidden dangers in safety, fire prevention and environmental protection reaches 100%
(10) 100% safety education and training rate

Carry out scientific management, improve the measurement system, insist on continuous improvement, and create a good faith AAA
(1) 100% confirmation of key measuring instruments
(2) The measurement process is out of control for no more than 24 hours
(3) Unqualified product quality due to incorrect measurement ≤ 2 times/year
(4) Customer satisfaction reaches 98%
(5) Complete the technical training of the testing personnel according to the training plan, and 100% of the testing personnel will be certified to work
(6) Zero major quality, safety and environmental protection accidents

High-tech based, high-quality products to ensure continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction
(1) The qualified rate of the product is 100%
(2) Customer satisfaction ≥ 97%
(3) The qualified rate of raw material procurement is ≥98
(4) The pass rate of the whole machine submitted for inspection and assembly is ≥96.5%
(5) The pass rate of one-time verification of the company's self-made products is ≥99%